Golden A.C.E. Awards & Gala

The Tallahassee Network of Young Professionals hosts an annual event highlighting emerging young leaders in the community who believe in Authentic Community Engagement, or A.C.E., and represent the award's namesake.

As an organization dedicated to making Tallahassee a city that can attract and retain Florida's young professional talent, the Golden A.C.E Awards & Gala recognizes the Capital City’s "Top 20 Under 40” young professionals. The overall award winner will be granted the title of Top A.C.E. Additional event proceeds will be donated to the non-profit organization selected by the Top A.C.E.

This event is for the young and young at heart, and we invite members and non-members to attend our gala! Questions? Email for more information.

Saturday, February 22, 2020
7 - 11 p.m. 
University Center Club
Black Tie Attire
Congratulations to our 2020 Award Nominees
Winners will be announced at the awards gala on February 22

Christi BIllington

Kathleen Blackburn

Katie Britt Williams

Samantha Carpenter

Christopher Daniels

Fletcher Dilmore

Zack Dunlap

Erica Eckland

Samantha Ferrin

Mirline Fourron

Mike Goldstein

Lashawn Gordon

Jason Hendrix

Zemoria Johnson

Rachel Lammey

Kyndra Light

Michele Madison

Rafael Marimon

Alesha McCann

Caroline Nieves

Louis Poskey

Danielle Price

Yolanda Robles Hue

Vickia Rosier

Anna Saunders

Victoria Shelton

Lucille Spann Asbury

Samantha Vance

Charlotte Waters

Colton Woodard

Jamie Wright

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Past Golden A.C.E. Award Winners 

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