Are you interested in expanding your professional and social network while exploring what Tallahassee has to offer young professionals? If so, becoming an NYP member is for you!

We want to show young professionals in our city the more vibrant side of Tallahassee — that we are not just a college town. Additionally, we want to enrich the city as a whole by providing service and valuable resources to local businesses and cultural organizations. It’s an exciting time to be a young professional in Tallahassee, and we know we have an opportunity to help shape our city’s future.

You do not have to be a member or even a “young” professional to participate in most of our events. However as a paid member of NYP, you receive access to our entire network of local young professionals, discounts at our events, and exclusive members only event opportunities. If you are over the age of 21 and enthusiastic about Tallahassee’s young professional community, we would love to have you join us.

Your $30 membership is good for one year from the date you registered and includes event discounts and access to exclusive members-only events.

Where do your membership dues go?


As we are a nonprofit organization, we are funded entirely by the membership dues collected from our members, donations, and any fundraising events we host. Our board members are volunteer only positions and are not paid for their work.

The annual dues collected allow us to: provide annual donations to local charities and organizations, help pay for our website, marketing, and advertising, host our annual awards ceremony celebrating the top 20 young professionals, and allow us to be able to host member-only events and provide discounts and giveaways to our members. We also promote our members and their businesses whenever possible.