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Get to know us the first Wednesday of every month at a bar near you! Our 535 Happy Hour is a casual networking event open to the public held at 5:35pm on the first Wednesday of every month at various bars in the Tallahassee area. Come out and get to know more about the organization, its members, and why you should join!

The Tallahassee Network of Young Professionals hosts an annual Golden A.C.E. Awards & Gala event. A Golden A.C.E. recipient is an emerging young leader in their respective industry and also represents the award’s namesake – to highlight those in the community who believe in Authentic Community Engagement, or A.C.E. 

Santa Shuffle

Every December, our most popular event “shuffles” through College Town led by the Lofty Pursuits Marching Ban with a unique "reindeer game" will be played at each bar. Tis the season of giving which means event proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships go to a local charity chosen by the NYP Board. In past years, NYP has raised over $5,000 that benefited charities like Dare to Dream, the Big Bend Homeless Coalition's HOPE Community, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, and the local animal shelters. This event is open to members and non-members; however, all paid members receive a discounted rate.

The only way to keep growing Tallahassee is to give back to the city we love. Join us as we help our community thrive with our quarterly community service events. They are always open to the public and a great way to meet new people and learn more about the city you live in. 

Speaker Series - Members Only

Being a young professional means learning on the go and NYP is here to help. Our speaker series brings experienced executives and experts in their industry to you to provide tips on professional development, growth in Tallahassee, and planning your career. Check out your member portal for more information. 

Special Events

Becoming a part of NYP comes with its perks and one of those is access to soft openings, behind the scene tours, and special features. Get to be the first to experience what Tallahassee has to offer. We were one of the first groups in to experience Proof Brewing, Charlie Park, and Finnegan's Wake to this exclusive listing. We are always in touch with new places in town to see how we can be the first one in to share with our group.

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